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Waterfall in Antarctica run blood-red?

With water three times saltier than seawater, sourced from a lake cut off from any form of light for millions of years, the bright red waterfall of Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valley is one of the eeriest natural phenomena on Earth.

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Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valley is one of the world’s most extreme deserts, and also one of the strangest. Featuring a row of snow-free valleys and the longest river on the continent, the Onyx River, it’s also home to a five-storey-tall waterfall that runs bright red down the side of an enormous glacier.

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To discover the reason behind the waterfall’s eerie hue, we have to trace its history back 5 million years, when sea levels rose and flooded East Antarctica. At the same time, a salty lake formed. Over millions of years, ice settled on the salty lake and formed huge glaciers, which cut the lake off from the rest of Antarctica and kept it 400 metres underground. Over time, the subglacial lake became even saltier - three times saltier than seawater, in fact - which means it was impossible to freeze. 
Cut off from its physical surroundings, the incredibly salty water that feeds Antarctic’s Blood Falls has not once been exposed to sunlight in several million years and is completely devoid of oxygen. "It's also extremely rich in iron, which was churned into the water by glaciers scraping the bedrock below the lake," says Natasha Geiling at Smithsonian Magazine. "When water from the subglacial lake seeps through a fissure in the glacier, the salty water cascades down the Taylor Glacier into Lake Bonney below. When the iron-rich water comes into contact with the air, it rusts - depositing blood red stains on the ice as it falls."
Not only is the blood-red, super-salty water severely lacking in oxygen and any exposure to light, it also happens to be home to some extremely odd wildlife. When the lake was forming million of years ago, tiny microbes moved in, and found themselves trapped when the glaciers grew and set on top. The microbes have been thriving in the lake ever since, sourcing the energy they need by breaking down sulphates - naturally occurring substances that contain sulphur and oxygen.
"After that, something eerily magical happens with the by-products,” says Geiling at Smithsonian Magazine, "the iron in the water interacts with them to restore the sulphates, basically recycling the sulphates for the microbes to break down into oxygen over and over again."


Ten Things you didn't know about Yuvraj Singh #TheAnupamKherShow

He’s a superstar when on the field of cricket. His six sixes are still remembered by cricket enthusiasts and he’s considered to be one of the best players in the Indian cricket team. But did you know that as a child Yuvraj Singh was least interested in the game? Find out more such unknown facts about Yuvi right here!

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1.Yuvi didn’t want to be a cricketer
While it may come as a shock to many, Yuvi was actually never interested in playing cricket. As a child Yuvi practiced sports like tennis, football and skating. He has even won Gold for the country in Under-14 Skating Championship. “I didn’t enjoy playing cricket as a kid. I didn’t like the idea of playing any sport in the hot sun. If not a cricketer I would have today been a skater,” he said.

2.Yuvraj thinks his father can be called a Hitler
Yuvraj’s father, Yograj Singh, has played cricket for India for a few years. But when he couldn’t achieve the dreams in his youth he pushed his son to do the same. So while Yuvraj wasn’t interested in playing cricket his father made sure he cultivated the interest and would do all sorts of tricks to make him play. Yuvraj said, “I was not allowed more than 30mins each day to hang out with friends. All weekdays I was forced to play cricket and no other sport. Guess, today whatever I’m as a cricketer the credit goes to my father. You can say he was like a Hitler to me in my childhood!”

3.Yuvraj has worked in a Punjabi film
Not many know this, and as confessed by Yuvi he doesn’t like to talk about it, but the handsome cricketer has actually worked in a Punjabi film. He did a particular scene in which he had to run and surprisingly the scene was directed by him too. Yuvi even confessed acting has always been his hobby but he isn’t so good at it. Multi-talented right!

4.Yuvi was an angry young man
Many times we see cricketers lose their cool on field and do various sorts of actions to express frustration. And Yuvi reveals he was no different. “There was a time I would throw my bat if I was given out by the Umpire and one day Sachin told me ‘the bat you just threw, that brings food to your home. Never do that again.’ And his advice worked wonders and never have I repeated the same mistake again.”

5.Parents’ separation was hard on Yuvi
He was only 15-16 years’ old when Yuvi’s parents got separated. While he really wished to live with his mother but due to financial constraints he had to live with his father. “From the first cheque I received of Rs.21 lacs for playing cricket, I handed it over to my mother and asked her to buy a house. And the moment she did, I moved in with her. The separation was harder on my younger brother since he was only 7-8years’ old then and I didn’t want him to face such hardships so early in life”

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6.Yuvi is NOT a romantic at heart
On field he scores sixes like it’s nobody’s business but when it comes to the matters of the heart, Yuvi gets out clean bowled! He said, “I’m a very practical person so to say the three glorious words ‘I love you’ to anyone takes a lot out of me. There was this girl I was dating and she would insist that I utter the three words everyday at least 6-7 times. So I would keep reminders and to call her at the given hours and say I Love You!” Yuvi in this candid moment also confessed that he’s been in love twice! Hmm, now we wonder who were the lucky girls?

7. When the cancer took its roots
We all know the story of how Yuvi came over his illness and beat cancer. Today with God’s grace he’s fit like a fiddle but when the cancer took over it was his patience that helped him win the game of life. “When I was playing the World Cup in 2011 I was unaware that I was sick. I ignored the chest pain and continued playing. Post that I even went on to play IPL and ignored the sick feeling. The first time I went for a check-up the doctor detected a 14cm tumour above my left lung and then I knew that something was wrong,” he said.

8. Yuvi couldn’t accept his condition
Being a cancer patient in itself sounds scary but when first Yuvi got to know about his condition he was not ready to accept it. “The very first thing in my head was that how can a sportsperson like me have cancer? I eat well, have a good lifestyle then how can this happen to me? But then after blaming the doctor all that I could I decided to get treated and went to USA for three months for chemotherapy.”

9. Yuvi on being a cancer survivor
Yuvi continued with story. “When the treatment began I had three worries on the top of mind. A) Will I not be able to play cricket ever? B) If something happens to me who will take care of my mother? And C) Will I even survive this and save my life? Such conflicting thoughts haunted me for days but it was all about staying positive and that helped me survive.”

10. If YouWeCan then you can too!
After winning over cancer Yuvi realized that there are many such people out there who are facing similar health issues and to help those in need he started the organization YouWeCan. “After facing such stressful times I really wanted to help everyone. It was the positive vibes around me via friends and family and even fans that helped me recover and I wanted to do the same for others. Today YouWeCan has helped in bringing out cancer cases of 1,25,000 people and they all are getting treated. I think if I could come out of cancer and resurrect my career then Life Mein Kuch Bhi ho Sakta Hai!”


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